Xueliang Li
Designing for Mental Wellbeing of University Students
Feb 23 2023

RA: Baihui Chen
Advisor: Xueliang Li

This project aims to explore design opportunities to help university students to develop protective factors against various stressors emerging from university life. University life is an essential period when students develop coping skills to deal with potential mental health issues. However, most university mental healthcare services mostly focus on knowledge acquisition and skill application, leaving it to the students to figure out how these knowledge and skills can be applied to their real-life situations. There exists a gap between knowing “what works” and “taking actions in the actual situations” in face of dealing with mental health issues. This research aims to investigate how the students make use of personal and environmental resources in university life to cope with mental health issues. This research is to understand lived experiences of students dealing with mental health issues on their own and seeking support from the others. The insights gained from this research will help inform design opportunities of technological applications that empower situated to learn mental health knowledge/skills in everyday contexts.

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